Unlock iPhone 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 6S SE from Carrier ?>

Unlock iPhone 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 6S SE from Carrier

The main aim of this whole website is to figure out if a phone will function on another carrier’s set-up. You can take into consideration technologies, LTE bands and radio frequencies used by the carrier on their network. If radio support and technologies of a phone from carrier X matches with carrier Y then you can select one on the basis of hardware perspective. If you select carrier X and after 2 years agreement get your iPhone unlocked then it can be used easily on carrier B’s network. Thus, your old device will work just fine.

The Easiest Way to Unlock iPhone

The easiest way to go about unlocking your iPhone is to simply contact your wireless network provider and request that they unlock the device to be used on any network for you. The overwhelming majority of wireless network providers are going to offer you this service at no extra cost, though some will request that you pay a “technical fee” – though it’s almost always a token amount that merely covers the time of the phone tech to get the job done.


You’ll need your IMEI phone identification number (it can be found on the physical device itself) and you’ll also need to run it through the Apple Phone Directory to make sure that the device isn’t or hasn’t been reported lost or stolen. Provided that the Apple Phone Directory gives you the “green light” to unlock your device you’ll be able to move through the software-based process in about five minutes, with another five minutes or so necessary to reboot your device to accept the unlocking. From there you will be able to insert any SIM card you’d like from any wireless network provider, so long as they use a wireless network that is compatible with the wireless network antennas you have in your device.

What you need to know about these carrier locks is that you can never rely on your phone or use it in a separate network. You will always be tied to your current carrier and the bills it charges you. If you want freedom and unlock your device then you are in the right place. Though we focus on iPhone unlocking, you can do it for pretty much any phone model. IPhone locks have been the most popular to this time. So unlocking an iPhone 6S for example can come handy. Unlock iPhone 6S is based on whitelisting the phone’s IMEI code online, the phone never leaves you. After the IMEI code has been noted as clean in the Apple’s database, your iPhone becomes factory unlocked. No more locks from your carrier, no more high phone bills, only freedom to choose how you make your calls or use the data.

Unlocking vs Jailbreaking

People get confused with unlocking and jailbreaking; but these two terms carry totally different meaning. Unlocking mean freeing your mobile device from a carrier you purchased and allowing it to work with any carrier. Jailbreaking is a procedure to circumvent Apple’s security measures on iOS for installing different apps, modify, and tweaks, which are not allowed on locked devices by Apple Store. As soon as people need to know how to unlock iPhone 7, you can also count on our help here. All the models of Apple iPhones get unlocked the same way.

• If a phone gets unlocked via jailbreaking or illegally by 3rd party then updating the device won’t be good because your device will get locked again.
• If you buy unlocked device from some external source besides Apple then be careful. If the phone is hacked then you will not get any repair or support from Apple.
• If you try to hack your iPhone then a little mistake can cause permanent damage.
• 3rd party service is authorized to unlock iPhones, so you can trust such shops with your IMEI number. They can whitelist your mobile or carriers server and claim it to be unlocked.

Unlocking of mobile devices is legal, since 2014 but only when the contract expires. Even if you carry no-contract phone, using 3rd party unlocking services is reliable. If you purchase a factory unlocked iPhone from Apple or the carrier unlocked it then your device will not re-lock. With an unlock phone update apps, upgrade to latest iPhone and do whatever you desire without any concern about re-lock.