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apple-iphonesUp until just recently (we’re talking about within the last two years) it was next to impossible for non-tech savvy folks to unlock their iPhone to be used with any SIM card on the planet – but that’s just not the situation any longer.

New legislation in the United States that forced the US owned and operated company Apple to unlock all of their devices to be used on any cellular network in the country come to held this technology giant to open up every single one of the iPhones that they manufacture to be used on any cellular network around the world.

This was a gigantic leap forward, and really opened the floodgates to people finally being able to purchase an iPhone and use it on any cell network they wanted – even if they jumped ship from one company to the next whenever they felt like it.

Starting with the iPhone 5 all iPhones come directly from Apple manufacturers completely open and ready to be used on any cellular network – but it’s the iPhones that were released before the 5 that will require a bit of a delicate touch to open them up so that they receive any SIM card you’d like to use.